Positive Behavioral Program

Coldwater Canyon Prep’s behavioral progam is designed to encourage and reward appropriate behavior choices by providing students with feedback in a positive, reinforcing way.  The purpose of the positive behavioral program is to help our students be successful in life by learning behaviors that aid them in their journey toward autonomy, learning responsibility, and becoming trusting and trustworthy individuals.  With the skills they learn in the classroom and in their social interactions, our students become increasingly able to make healthy and positive decisions in their lives.

This positive behavioral program is a structured, predictable system of rewards that is based on each student’s behavioral response to his/her environment.  We strive to acknowledge and reinforce the positive behaviors of our students so that they feel successful and capable in any setting.  This program helps students develop cause and effect thinking.  The program creates a predictable environment for students while teaching them that rewards and consequences are a result of their individual choices.

We recognize that each of our students presents with different strengths, challenges, and needs. Students are given prompts, reminders, and opportunities to use appropriate behaviors or learn new behaviors that will help them be successful.  Students are taught decision-making and problem-solving skills.  As goals are reached, students are able to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, head phones, books, video games, home work passes, lunch with staff, and more.  Additional privileges include off-campus lunch, field trips, and other surprise treats and events.

Students confer with staff (teacher, teacher’s aide, therapist, and/or administration) regarding progress towards their goals and feel a sense of accomplishment when a goal has been reached.  This information is shared with parents/guardians to help them track the student’s progress.